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Gas Heater Types and Features

Date of publication:2012-12-31  Reading6003

Gas Heater Types and Features

Some gas heater can heat 300-600 square feet. This kind gas heater comes with blower fan, electronic

ignition, thermostat installed by the company as well as easy to read display for room temperature.

Most of the gas heater is helpful during electricity or power outages. This vent free gas heater is even

more helpful during uncomfortable winter periods as it is a perfect source of heat even when the

electrically powered blower can not be in operation.A gas heater is easy to install .Just make sure

the tools required to install your gas heater are complete - pipe wrench and screwdriver. The gas

heater already includes the feet kit and wall mount bracket options.Since safety is a significant

element with any heat source such as gas heater, a low-oxygen shut-off sensor is built-in to

shut the unit down when a possible problem is detected. It is advised that in installing your gas

heater, the specific details are followed including the sizes and volumes as required. For example,

can a smaller tank be used other than what is specified in the instructions for installing a gas heater.

A smaller tank can be used for emergency purposes but the connection is not designed for the gas

heater and after some time the unit would freeze up and shut down. After a while, the gas heater could

be re-used however, the continuous use of smaller tank will produce a constant freezing/unfreezing

process that will eventually damage the gas heater. Thus, it is best to use larger tanks to maintain the

gas heater to last longer and eventuallysaves cost with lesser refills.The gas heater is in no way to be

installed in bathrooms, recreational vehicles or bedrooms.

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